The "Where"

Where do we meet you at? Well, the answer is, pretty much anywhere you want, within reason of course!

How to Meet

We are happy to meet in person or virtually, giving you no limitations on your location

Where We Can Meet

In person meetings can be hosted in our office or we can make a house call

We can meet you in person or virtually. In-person appointments can take place at our office, but we also make house calls. So, if it is more convenient for us to come to you at your home, office or some other place of convenience, that is perfectly fine! We will also hold occasional appointments that are outside of office hours if your schedule requires it. Maybe you’ve embraced the digital age and prefer your appointments via video conference and/or document sharing via electronic transfer? Well, we can do that too!

Our goal is simply to make sure you feel comfortable in whatever environment you choose to work with us in, so that you have an excellent interaction every time with Sorum Financial. That is part of our pledge to give you high touch AND high tech, all customized to the way you like to work with us.

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