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Welcome to SORUM Financial!

Where We Navigate Financial Futures Together 

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Pairing YOUR Priorities with OUR Guidance

Advice that is Client-Centered 

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2nd and 3rd Generations of SORUM Advisors

Bringing you 30+ years of experience and creative, effective, and personalized advice

Now, Imagine... it can all come together!

Having a one-stop source for all things financial...a wide array of independent financial products and services that can fit almost any need.   With a team of qualified professionals collaborating to find creative and effective strategies to help you pursue your goals.  All in a place where you feel comfortable discussing your financial concerns, goals, objectives and future, and know that you're being listened to with your well-being in mind.

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A One-Stop Shop For All Things Financial

Using Your Priorities and Our Guidance

We are uniquely positioned to help with most everything that life might throw at you pertaining to your finances. We have also networked with other professionals who can help serve you in areas we do not cover, and who we believe share our same values and our commitment of doing what’s best for our clients.

Our purpose at Sorum Financial is to use our core values and guidance to help you tackle your financial priorities. We do this so you can answer two critical financial questions: “Will I be able to accomplish my goals?” And “Do I have any financial blind spots that might prevent me from accomplishing my goals?”.

That being said, we serve whoever we can create value for! Everyone is unique, but generally you’ll find yourself in one of the four life categories below.
Feel free to click on each box to see which one you fall into.

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Ready to visit?

What to expect when you visit

The Sorum Financial office is located on our family farm just north of Lebanon, Ohio. In 2016, we added roughly 1,000 square feet of meeting space and offices against the pastoral backdrop of our fields where many times you can see our Tibetan Yak grazing in the background. Clients say how it is a fantastic backdrop for life discussions! Why mess with fancy sprawling offices and difficult parking? Just pull up to the front door, walk on in and grab a cup of coffee or other beverage of choice!

Of course, if you prefer a good old-fashioned house call, we can typically do those too. And, if you've embraced technology and prefer your meetings held over a Zoom connection, that's fine also...whatever you prefer. Initial appointments are always complimentary and without obligation, intended for you to get to know us and determine if we are a good fit for you. Go ahead and use the Contact Us information button below to reach out and schedule a visit...we look forward to meeting you!

THANK YOU for your time and consideration of Sorum Financial!

"When your values are clear, your decisions are easy." - Roy Disney

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