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Meet Your Lebanon-Based Financial Care Team

The “When”

When we finally have a chance to meet, our aim is to do so in a relaxed setting for you. That’s why our offices are located on our farm instead of a big Class A office building in the city. Pull right up to the door, come on in and grab a drink, and visit with us in our “non”-conference room where we feature comfortable chairs and many times a view of the Yak grazing outside our big windows! Studies have shown in the past that many people would rather go visit the dentist than meet with a financial advisor! We don’t have any Novocain or laughing gas to put you out, but we like to think a visit with us can be quite enjoyable…much better than the dentist!

We want to address what is important to you, and we don’t judge you on what financial shape you are in when you come to us. NO question is a dumb question, and we focus on YOUR priorities. Like we say in our tagline: YOUR Priorities / OUR Guidance! Initial visits usually last about an hour or so and are COMPLIMENTARY. That means NO cost to you and NO obligation on your part to do anything. If at the end of the initial visit, you think we are a couple of nuts who don’t know anything, you’ll never hear from us again! It is always up to you as to how our business relationship is driven.

During our visit, you can ask us any questions you want and have us look at any documents you might want us to look at (if you even want to bring documents at all). We’ll get to know each other and we’ll ask about your life story and financial priorities. At the end of the day, all we’re doing in this initial visit is to determine whether we have a basis for working together. We recognize that we aren’t going to be the right financial advisors for everyone, and we don’t want to force that fit.

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