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The Financial Purpose

Welcome to SORUM FINANCIAL, where we Navigate Financial Futures Together!

Over the past 30 years, my aim has been to provide "big city" advice in a "small town" environment where you feel comfortable and "at home" talking about your finances and how to shape your finances to fit your priorities, values and goals.

Sorum Financial began a new chapter in 2021 when I welcomed on board Phillip, my son and new business partner, who ascribes to the same Core Values upon which Sorum Financial was built. Together, we will work as your financial care team to take the Sorum Financial experience to a whole new level! 

Our purpose at Sorum Financial is to use our core values and guidance to help tackle your financial priorities. We do this so you can answer two critical financial questions:

“Will I be able to accomplish my goals?”, and “Do I have any financial blind spots that might prevent me from accomplishing my goals”

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